About CMP

PT. Cahaya Metal Perkasa (CMP) is the name given to company with range of corrugated steel structures used for culverts, bridges, stormwater drainage, mine portals, reclaim tunnels, sheet water drainage, stormwater management systems and many other special adaptations.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Steel Structures :

    Steel structure facilitate easy handling with a mass approximately 1/10th respectively the mass of concrete structures.
    Corrugated Steels have great strength relative to their mass. The added stiffness provided by corrugations and positive soil arching around the circumference of structures enables comparatively lightweight structures to withstand high loads. For example those generated by high fills as well as the impact and vibration of heavy mining and construction equipment, trains, trucks and aircraft under shallow fills.
    Corrugated Steels provide an attractive landscape feature for entry statements. Square or beveled end treatment options combined with local materials contribute to the aesthetic finish of the surrounding embankment and preservation of the local environment.
    Ease of transport and installation, low cost and preengineered design by PT. Cahaya Metal Perkasa make Corrugated Steel a more economical solution than concrete structures.
    Available in several material options, Corrugated Steel can be designed to meet your application needs.
    Detailed design drawings of color coded plate layouts facilitate fast assembly of MULTI-PLATE structures using lightweight equipment and non-skilled labor.
    Corrugated Steel can be transported in greater quantities per truckload than concrete structures. The strong and robust nature of Corrugated Steel eliminates concern of structural damage commonly experienced with concrete structures when transported over long distances or arduous conditions.
  • SIZE
    Corrugated Steels are available from 450 diameter pipes to structures spanning greater than 15 M.


  • NESTABLE FLANGE E-100 to ASTM A-796-1996 / SNI 07-0950-1989 / AS 2041-2042-1984
  • MULTI-PLATE to ASTM A-796-1996 / SNI 07-0950-1989 / AS 2041-2042-1984
  • MULTI-PLATE SUPERSPAN to A-796-1996 / SNI 07-0950-1989 / AS 2041-2042-1984
  • GUARDRAIL to SNI 07-0950-1989


  • Material
    - JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) G 3101 Equivalent SS 400
    - SII (Standard Industrial Indonesia) 1187-84
    - SNI 07-0601 BJPE
  • Design
    - ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material) A-796-1996 / SNI 07-0950-1989 / AS 2041-2042-1984
  • Galvanize
    - AS (Australian Standard) 1650
    - ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) A-123
  • Bold and Nuts
    - AS 1252-1973
    - AS 1112 grade 4.6